For your AIO diaper, you will need one layer of PUL, (you can purchase this at New Conceptions) a layer of stretch terry, a layer of flannel, and a soaker pad of stretch terry. You will also need a strip of PUL to use a binding, Velcro/Aplix and apattern. I highly recommend the Diaper Covers Deluxe pattern from New Conceptions. That is what I’ve used here.

Cut out your flannel and stretch terry bodies and your soaker pad.

Lay the soaker on the 2 layers and sew the pad on.

Here you will see I have a full layer of flannel, a full layer of stretch terry, the soaker pad and the full layer of PUL.
The Quick Wrap pattern has gussets so here I have cut one layer of PUL and one layer of flannel and sewn the elastic on to the gusset. Lost picture #1: Sew the elastic on the back of the diaper. Sew it just on the two absorbant layers, not on the PUL layer.
Next get your binding foot ready. This foot makes the binding on your diaper look professional. It is a bit tricky to get the hang of, but with lots of practice it really is a must.
Sorry for the blurry picture, my camera wasn’t focusing. Fold the binding and then stick it into your foot.
Like so….. Lost picture #2: Sew the binding onto theGussets to cover the elastic.
Oops, don’t forget to sew your Velcro onto your PUL layer. I almost forgot that part!
Next, take your 3 layers and serge them together. This makes putting the binding on much easier. Sew the gussets on in this step also. I found it much easier to serge with the PUL on top and then later go back and sew the gussets on with the regular sewing machine. It’s easier to control the slippery PUL when it’s on top. Next you will sew the binding on all around the cover as shown in the picture.
Sew the hook part of the Velcro onto the wings. You can sew it on before or after you do the binding. I prefer to sew it on before the binding, it looks nicer.
And then your done!!! A beautiful AIO!! Purchase your Diaper Covers Deluxe pattern at New Conceptions.