This is an experiment AIO. It’s made from the Side Snap PooPocket pattern. It’s and ugly puke green WP outer with a white velour inner. The inside of the gussets are made with a white microfleece to prevent wicking. My serger barfed all over the place. It didn’t like the thickness when sewing on the gussets. I may turn and topstitch the next one I try.

It fits great though! Luke sure seems to like it and he can’t take it off!!!

HB Home diapers

Jungle Baby!! This one is a large so it’s a
little “large” on Luke right now. He
wanted to put it on right when I was done
with it, so I took the picture with it on him.
Here’s my latest HBPocket or FuzziBoy.
This one is CUTE!! The interfacing on
the tabs works sooo great!

After 4+ years of making and using cloth diapers, I think my quest for finding the perfect diaper has ended! My camera is broken so please excuse the ugly scanned picture. It’s much cuter in real life! This diaper is Windpro outer and microfleece inner. I left an opening in the back so I can shove in a big square of burley terry and velour that I have folded  into 3rds. The tabs are totally away from any material that will get wet  so they stay dry all night long. Because there is no absorbant layers next  to baby, he stays dry all night as well. It dries in a snap and is easy to sew. Because the inner is microfleece it doesn’t matter that the belly area sticks out a bit. A t-shirt can fall in and not get wet! And the best part….it’s cuteness factor!! Just because the inside is a boring solid microfleece, I still have a lay in doubler with the cute print. Wow, I love this diaper.

The diapers below are all regular HB Home diapers. The last one is a  fitted diaper, not an AIO.

This is my first applique’. It’s waaayy too big, but pretty darn cute.

This is a regular fitted diaper make with the HB Home pattern