Mothereeze Sandie

Pre-wash and dry all fabric. Disclaimer: These instructions are for home use only, not for re-sale.  If you do make these and sell them, you will be fully responsible for any action the company that rhymes with “Mother-Eeez” takes.

Sandies and Toddlers are the same diaper, just different sizes.  These instructions and dimensions are for the toddler size diaper.  Please check out my diaper dimensions page for
smaller sizes.

Take your Sandie and place it on top of three layers of flannel or paper (for a template). Pull the Sandie tight and trace around the diaper on one side only. Using stretch terry is better than using flannel for this diaper. Stretch terry has more give. If you are using flannel I would increase the measurements a tad so the fit is a little better.
Cut on the line and fold it in half and cut the rest of the diaper/template
Doing it this way makes both sides even.  If you trace all the way
around the diaper, you will be sure to have a lopsided diaper.  Both
sides should be the same.
Here’s your diaper template.  This is a toddler size diaper, the
measurements are:

16 1/2″ across the back
8″         in the middle
11″       across the front
19″       long

Next cut out your soaker pad.  This pad measures roughly 5
1/2″x15″. you can make the soaker any thickness you like.  On this
diaper  I made, I used 4 layers of stretch terry. It seems to be the
same thickness as the *real*   Mother-eeez diaper.
Serge all the way around your soaker
Sew the soaker pad on to *two* layers of flannel.  Centering it in the
Next, take your *real* diaper and mark where to place the elastic.
I don’t measure my elastic. I start sewing it at the dot and stretch as I
sew, stopping at the second dot and cut the elastic. It’s easier to do it
this way than it is to measure the elastic
Sew elastic on each leg, the front and the back.  Stretching it tight as
you sew it on.
This is the top 2 layers with the soaker pad and the elastic sewn in.
Don’t forget your label!! Sew your homemade label on the front corner f
the soaker pad stitches. Do this *before* you sew on the bottom
Sew the top layer of flannel on to the rest of the diaper.  Serging all the
way around
Sew a straight stitch on each leg in between the soaker and the
This is the inside of the diaper
and this is the outside of the diaper.
Figure out snap placement by looking at the original diaper.
Hammer snaps in place and your “Mother-Eeez” Sandie is complete!
This picture looks a little lopsided, but it’s not in real life.  It fits perfect
!! However, it would be better with stretch terry instead of flannel.