Pre-folds are, in my opinion, the easiest diaper to make.  Of course they don’t hold anything in when you baby has a blow out, I’m sure you know what I mean ;).

Cut out two squares of fabric approx. 13.5 x 15. I cut one terry cloth and one flannel. cutout.jpg (8937 bytes)
Cut out a strip of fabric for the soaker in the middle.  I took the measurement of 13.5 and divided it by 3 for my 3 folds and got 4.5.  So I made my soaker 4.5 x 15.  I actually made it a little wider so there would be a little material to sew on. I only cut one strip of terry because this terry is pretty thick.  If your using a thinner material make sure
you surge them all together before you sew it onto your squares.
strip.jpg (12596 bytes)
Lay the soaker onto the square right in the middle. You
should have a little less than 4 1/2 inches on both sides.
Pin in place.
soakerplacement.jpg (15938 bytes)
Sew the soaker onto one of the squares.  At this point you could sew it onto ONE square if you are going to “turn” the diaper, or you can put all the layers together and sew it all together at once.  I was planning on turning this diaper, but I realized half way through stitching the layers together that I had the wrong sides together.  Ugh! sewinginsoaker.jpg (12757 bytes)
Put all the layers together and surge the edges closed. If you are going to turn this diaper, make sure that the soaker is on the “outside” so when you turn it, it will be on the “inside”. putting it together.jpg (11412 bytes)
This is a picture of the surged edge.  It’s very messy when you have terry cloth in the mix.  Of course you could surge in a pretty color too.  I was planning on doing that with the “turned” diaper. surge.jpg (15614 bytes)
If you turned you diaper you need to straight stitch the
other square to the soaker
straightstitch.jpg (8765 bytes)
And here’s a really ugly pre-fold.  LOL! No really, it’s not that bad.  I like the idea of having one terry side and one flannel side prefold.jpg (17681 bytes)