This page contains approximate prices of the
items you will need to sew your own diapers and covers.

  • Fabric-I can only make 1 diaper from 1 yard diaper flannel (it’s only 27″ wide) You can get 2 diapers from 1 yard of super flannel. Of course this is for a big diaper, if your making smaller diaps you can get more.

  • Diaper flannel – $1.88 a yard (Walmart price) only 27″ wide.
  • Super flannel – $2.50 a yard (Walmart price) 45″ wide (I think)
  • Terrycloth – around $4.00 a yard.  Free if you cut up old towels.
  • Ultrex – $8.99 a yard. You can get about 3 covers from
    one yard with enough left over for the bias tape.

  • Printed Fabric – $4.00 a yard.  All depends on where you get it. $4.00 is an average price I think.  You can get 4 covers from a yard.

  • Fleece – Ranges in price.  I wouldn’t spend more than $8.00 a yard.
  • Snaps – Size 16 capped prong – $3.30 for a package of 12.  Around .27cents a snap. Size 16 open ring – $2.50 for a package of 12. Around .21 cents a snap.I use 4 snaps on my diapers and covers. I just got mine on sale from Buttons and Bolts!
  • Aplix – One meter of hook and one meter of loop is 3.40 GPB which coverts to $5.37, shipping included.
  • Elastic- Buy in bulk at the fabric stores. 1/4 inch swimwear elastic is $.25 cents a yard. You need less than 1/2 yard of elastic per diaper and less than 1/2 yard per cover.

per Diaper
(for my

Using Diaper

$1.88   flannel

.84   snaps

.50   terrycloth

.13   elastic

$3.35  per diaper

Using Super Flannel

$1.25    flannel

.84    snaps

.50    terrycloth

.13    elastic

$2.72   per diaper

Price per Cover

(for my size)

$3.00    Ultrex

1.00    cotton print

.84    snaps

.13    elastic

$4.97  per cover

Hope these prices help with your shopping!!