This All In One is very easy to make! Anyone can do it. I used a layer of PUL, a layer of micro fleece, a tri-fold soaker made from sherpa and velour and bound the whole thing with fold over elastic. You can make this diaper without the microfleece, but I wouldn’t  like that coated sticky side of the PUL to be touching my skin, so why should my baby? I decided to line the inside with microfleece cause it’s very soft and thin. If you don’t want to buy fold over elastic, you can always add regular elastic in between the two layers and just serge them together.

I used the Quick Snap cover pattern from New
Cut out one layer of PUL and one layer of
microfleece. This diaper can be changed a bit. Cut a
layer of sherpa or velour for the inside, for added
absorbancy” and sew the soaker between the two
layers. Of course this wouldn’t make it a “Quick Dry”.
Or keep the Microfleece for the inside layer to keep
the baby dry.
Determine the size of the soaker you want. I just
copied the shape and size of a premade diaper I
already had. Cut out 3 layers. 2 sherpa and 1 velour
is what I did.
Serge the soaker all the way around and sew two
lines separating it into thirds. Of course you want to
sew “straight” lines, unlike me :).
Lay the soaker inside the microfleece layer and
determine where you want it. I put my soaker up
toward the front a little more because I have a boy.
At this point, you can sew the soaker to the inside of
the diaper.
Hammer on the snaps. I put the snaps on the soaker
on one end. I have seen it done right in the middle,
but when you fold it up in the diaper, one of the
serged edges is touching the baby. I like to have all
the edges tucked away.
Don’t forget to re-enforce the snaps on the micro
fleece layer with an extra layer of fleece or pul. I
would like to suggest a layer of the fleece cause you
can see this little white square through the pul.
Following the instructions on the Quick Wrap pattern,
bind all the edges with the fold over elastic. This stuff
is really easy to sew on. You can get it at
Hammer on the snaps. In the Quick Wrap instructions
it says to re-enforce the snaps with the binding. Don’t
do this with the fold over elastic. It’s way to thick for
the snaps to go through. Just fold the elastic over the
edge and tack down and cut.
Snap in your soaker and fold it up.
And here’s your super easy quick dry AIO! I’m thinking
of making a few more soakers to go into this cover.
When the soaker gets wet and the cover is still dry,
just snap in another soaker.
Here’s the cover on my little boy. I made one size too
big. I made a large and should have made a
medium. It’s better to make it on the small side to
help hold the soaker closer to the body.