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  1. Fabric for diapers – There are all kinds of fabric that will work for diapers.  Flannel, Birdseye, interlock/jersey, twill, stretch terry, woven terry, etc. Anything that is close to 100% cotton (no more than 20% poly) and is a strong, tightly woven fabric will work.  Check around your house for things you don’t use any longer.  Cut up old flannel sheets or receiving blankets, check your husbands closet for old flannel shirts he no longer wears. How about that t-shirt drawer? You can also use microfleece for the layer next to the baby to keep baby dry.
  2. Fabric for covers –   PUL, Ultrex other waterproof fabric. Or water-resistant fabrics like fleece and wool.  There is a HUGE difference in fleece out there. Be careful what you buy. I suggest you ONLY buy Malden Mills fleece. If your using a 2 layer cover use 200wt fleece, if you’re using a 1 layer cover, use 300wt or Windpro fleece. You cannot buy Malden Mills fleece in local fabric stores. You are pretty much going to have to buy online.
  3. Fasteners – Snaps, Velcro/Aplix, pins, buttons and ties.  If you prefer plastic/nylon snaps, there are wahm’s out there that will put snaps on your diapers for a small fee.  For you to get your own nylon snaps, it’s a pretty large investment.  You have to buy a snap press and a huge lot of snaps.  If you plan on going into business making your own diapers, nylon snaps are a good thing to have, but a waste of money if it’s for your own use. I prefer Snap Source snaps size 16 for my covers and Aplix for  my diapers.


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